Postpartum Nourishment Packages


These packages are custom designed for your postpartum period. You will have a consultation with our partnered chef to outline your needs & goals for the critical healing period immediately following you giving birth. Packages can be as simple as bone broth for the moment you deliver to a full 30 days of complete meals.  Provisions are prepared in a commercial kitchen then delivered to your home in quantities & frequencies designed specifically for your first 30 days.  All foods in these packages are specifically considered healing foods & should be consumed to assist your recovery & ease your amazing body as it works hard to mend itself.


$ Prices Vary



PE is processing of your placenta so that you may consume easily and gently.  We encapsulate in your home whenever possible to assure the flora of your family remains unaltered.  We use the TCM method with gluten-free/vegan capsules.  Tinctures, salves, prints, and other placenta services are also available additionally.


$225/basic encapsulation



Informed Beginnings Childbirth Education 8 Week Series


IB is an thorough, comprehensive childbirth education series based in the philosophies of informed childbirth. This series covers numerous topics such as writing your birth wish list, methods of pain management for labor, pregnancy exercises & nutrition, the stages of labor & birth, breastfeeding, postpartum & newborn care, partner participation, as well as common complications, interventions & augmentations.  This class is designed to inform you of the choices you have along with their benefits & risks for your pregnancy, labor, & birth to provide the best possible outcomes through evidence based information.  The classes are attended by couples in the same transition creating an excellent community of like-minded parents.   It is suggested to start this series in your 2nd trimester and complete it before your 37th week of pregnancy for optimal time & information.


$325/mother & support person




Foundation Childbirth Education 3 Week class


This series covers the basics in a  6 hour, 3 week series.  The stages of labor, methods of pain management, common interventions, & early postpartum care.  This is a terrific class for expectants that are looking for a concise class that covers the basics of childbirth in an expedited timeframe .  It is best to complete this class before your 37th week of pregnancy.


$275/mother & support person


Basic Childbirth Intensive


In this 4 hour private course topics such as the basics of labor, delivery & early postpartum care are covered in depth.  This course is held in your home at your prefered time.  Additional people in your care circle are welcome to sit in the on the class with you & your main support person for an additional $25 each.


$200/mother & support person






Unlimited email & phone support before, during & after a birth

2 Prenatal visits

Continuous labor, delivery & early post-partum care

1 Postpartum visit







Postpartum work is tailored to your needs as you need them. We are available 24 hours a day for postpartum work.



Pregnancy & Infant Concierge Service


This service is designed for any woman who feels the crush of information & advice from someone ELSE’S pregnancy, baby care, & postpartum period.  This service is tailored specifically to you & your needs following your own parenting styles & personality.  We will discuss how to create a baby registry without waste, how to schedule postpartum care, how to have a great pregnancy or how to ask for what you need most from your support circle. This is  all designed around your pregnancy & postpartum goals for you & for your family.






Birth Plan Consultation


We can help put your birth wishes to paper in a concise way that will be understood, taken seriously by your care providers, & expedited by your support team.  We will be your partner in creating a personal living document that is pragmatic & easily implemented by those caring for you.  With our knowledge of many of the hospital’s policies in the area we can help you work within the system to honor your vision.