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Childbirth Education

InfoBe is a comprehensive childbirth ed series based on the philosophies of informed childbirth. This series covers numerous topics such as writing your birth wish list, natural methods of pain management for labor, pregnancy exercises & nutrition, the stages of labor & birth, feeding, postpartum & newborn care, partner participation, as well as common complications, interventions & augmentations. This class is designed to inform you of the choices you have along with their benefits & risks for your pregnancy, labor, & birth to provide the best possible outcomes through evidence based information. The group classes are attended by people in the same transition creating an excellent community of like-minded parents. I currently offer this series privately in-person or online as well as group online periodically. This series should ideally be completed by your 37th week of pregnancy so you have time to process & prepare with the information you are given. $375/you & a support person

This foundational childbirth series covers the basics in 6 hours over 3 weeks. The stages of labor, methods of natural pain management, common interventions, & early postpartum care. This is a terrific class for expectants that are looking for a concise class that covers the basics of childbirth in an expedited time frame . This class is offered as a private class in-person or online. It is best to complete this class before your 37th week of pregnancy. $300/you & a support person

In this four hour private course topics such as labor, delivery, & early postpartum care are covered. This course is offered privately online or in-person. ​ $250/you & a support person

Birth Services

This care will look different from person to person, it could be washing pump parts, making dinner, wearing your baby so you can nap, tidying up, walking the dog, caring for your baby at night while you sleep, etc. Postpartum work is tailored to your needs as you need them. I am available 24 hours a day for postpartum work. $30-40/hour

This traditional service includes unlimited email & phone support before, during & after your birth. The birth doula service includes two prenatal visits to strengthen us as your care team. You will have continuous labor, delivery & early postpartum support . Your birth is followed up with one postpartum visit. This service should be booked before your 37th week to assure enough time to hold both prenatals. ​ $1350

I use the TCM method to prepare your placenta for encapsulation. Each capsule is gluten-free & vegan so that you can gently consume or use your dried placenta as you wish. We are happy to create prints & ceremonies for placentas that cannot be consumed. We can also upgrade standard encapsulation with beautiful salves and tinctures. ​ $225/standard encapsulation

This gentle healing session is designed to promote relaxation and wellbeing at any point during your childbearing year or when you are thinking of becoming pregnant. Reiki is a hands-on practice where we will spend a thoughtful 30/60 minutes centering and refreshing your mind and spirit. You can use Reiki to improve sleep, reduce nausea, support your postpartum healing, lessen anxiety around nursing or birth, and relieve some of the discomfort your body may be carrying. This service is beneficial to those wanting more peace and tranquility. You can book an in-home session at any stage and we will work together to create a space of rejuvination and comfort. $50 for Half Hour/$85 for Full Hour

This mentorship service will be completed over two sessions. I can help put your birth wishes to paper in a concise way that will be understood, taken seriously by your care providers, & expedited by your support team. I will be your partner in creating a personal living document that is pragmatic & easily implemented by those caring for you. With my knowledge of many of the area's hospitals & their policies I can help you work within the system to honor your vision. $75/Completed Plan

This service is designed for anyone who feels the crush of information & advice from someone ELSE’S pregnancy, baby care, & postpartum period. This service is tailored specifically to you & your needs following your own parenting styles & personality. We will discuss how to create a baby registry without waste, how to schedule postpartum care, how to have a great pregnancy or how to ask for what you need most from your support circle. This is all designed around your pregnancy & postpartum goals for you & for your family. $75/Completed Plan

These packages are custom designed for your postpartum period. You will have a consultation with my partnered chef to outline your needs & goals for the critical healing period immediately following your birth. Packages can be as simple as bone broth for the moment you deliver to a full 30 days of complete meals. Provisions are prepared in a commercial kitchen then delivered to your home in quantities & frequencies designed specifically for your first 30 days. All foods in these packages are specifically considered healing foods & should be consumed to assist your recovery & ease your amazing body as it works hard to mend itself. $ Prices Vary

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